Okay im looking for bands that use 7-string STANDARD tuning.

i already know of Nevermore (flat), Dream Theater (some flat) , Korn (some standard, most full step) , some Trivium (learned) , Fear Factory (not all standard), Chimaira (not all standard), Rusty Cooley (flat)..

and i've learned almost every song by dream theater that uses 7-string standar

so i would be very very grateful if people could give me more stuff to learn that uses standard seven string tuning, because i need challenging stuff. and my ole six string bores me, and i am a rather advanced guitarist, so anything you can think of, post it!
Anything by Textures or Mnemic.

Edit, oh and some jazz uses 7 strings too so try and find some of that.
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I think Unearth is standard.
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