Hey guys!
I need to find a great case that I can ship my hand built guitar in. It\s the shape of a PRS custom 24, so the case has to be able to securely fit that shape. As we all probably know, the airlines treat instruments like they were dodge balls...

I'm either going to have it shipped to Europe from the States, or go pick it up there and bring it back in the plane. Either way, I'm concerned the way it will be treated.

Also, what are the average prices of those cases?

Just get a hard case and take it back on the plane in the cabin with you. Put it in the overhead storage.
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You're telling me a $2500 guitar does not come with a hard case?

Edit: oh I misread, you made one with the shape of a PRS
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Most airlines won't let you take it in the cabin anymore on overseas trips, plus I've heard so many horror stories of the idiots that inspect the luggage don't close the case the correct way and the guitar is damaged. The guitar I'm having built is alot more than 2500.00 and if I want a case,it's up to me to buy one.