hey, i havent been around here much at all lately, but I'm just going to write something pretty much on the spot, so comment if you want, Crit all you want, it's just my mind rambling.

I jumped off a bridge today
To see how I might feel last night,
had I changed my mind about my ways

I'm going away soon, my love
to a place not far above
don't you cry when glancing up,
You know that's not what I'd want

You see, I'm saddened, and can't be helped
Noone else could ever know
I'm tired of living like I have life in me
and I'm afraid it's starting to show

Hold me now, in my depression
perhaps your warmth ensures my safety
You can't read my blank expression
I'm as intangible as concrete

Quite like what formed that fated bridge
that made my decision by a smidge
Perhaps our time's greatest inventions
are not that man made after all

like i said, this is ots, so it's meaning is open to whatever you would like to interpret it as. any comments are appreciated.