ok, well i just got my new yamaha aes920, and it sounds AMAZING.
and i know how to play a verry limited amount of songs.

Higher - creed
come back - early novembers
the tide - the spill canvas
All over you - the spill canvas
(trying to learn snow - rchp but its hard.. and really fast XD)

and some others, i like metal too so if you have any suggestions feel free to share!
oh, and maby some songs that my girl friend would like.
somthing that sounds "nice"

much appreciated.
Killing in the Name Of: Rage Against the Machine
Enter Sandman: Metallica
Taylor: Jack Johnson (for your gf)
Message in a Bottle: The Police
Plush: Stone Temple Pilots

There all fun to play and pretty easy. Message in a Bottle is the "hardest" and the UG tabs for Plush and Taylor are wrong so try 911 or sumting
Can I have your guitar??? I want an AES920! So cool... How much did it cost you?
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