The song is called Alchemy I put this on my personal music page a while ago we have lyrics written for it too but we have no way of recording vocals properly yet this was done with my computer using Adobe Audtion. the drums are drum samples since we have no good way of recording those either. The songs going for an 80's heavy metal feel to it, I feel like we did a good job on the song just wanna see what other think of it

any crits would be great nothing wrong with trying to get better
Thats some top quality stuff. And yes if it was real drums would have been f'n sweet! Nice solo. Sounds like it could use some sweeping maybe??? Just to suit the style you are going for! Hope you get vocals going!
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Very solid stuff all around. Drums obviously are going to sound very programmed considering they're loops, so I'll look past that. Doesn't get repetitive, catchy enough so that it's memorable...good job dude.
Dude, this is awesome stuff, I spot a very heavy Megadeth influence here. Everything here is really tight, the guitars, the drums, the bass, everything. I can't wait to hear it with vocals. I personally think the solos could have been more 'shreddy' to fit the thrashy theme.

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