Poll: Do you cut the crusts of your sandwich or toast?
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View poll results: Do you cut the crusts of your sandwich or toast?
Yes, I do.
0 0%
No, I don't.
28 100%
Voters: 28.
Well... Do you or not? I'm a bread maniac! Although i dont cut the crusts off mine, i do know people that do.
wtf with all the bread threads already? And no i do not cut the crusts.
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you and your bread are creeping me out
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Crazy kids and your bread....
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clicked X.

force of habit

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This is f'd up man. Compulsive bread disorder? CBD? lol!
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I_am_primus, are you familiar with the term "spam"?.....
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I_am_primus, are you familiar with the term "spam"?.....

It's what you put in between the bits of bread.
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