My max budget limit is $200.

Basically whom ever I've asked suggest me to either buy V-amp or Digitech. So I ask - which one is better? And which model of theirs? I was pretty impressed with Rp350, but maybe for the extra price it has features which I don't really need. So suggestions pls. And if there are any other multi-effects better than both these 2 than pls tell me. I'm looking for something which is not only good with jamming and experimenting, but also good for playing live (small gigs, nothing major) . U know, I could just press a switch with my foot and jump onto the different presets I've made...so I'm looking for something like that which I could comfortably use without interrupting the flow of playing.
For another hundred you could get the new rp500, i hear its real good.
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What I want to have is 3 different kinds of sound:
1) Clean- for playing the softer parts
2) Distortion - for Metal riffs
3) Bright trebly sound - for soloing

So while playing I'd want to just press a button with my foot and switch between these 3 sounds immediately. Will these multi-effect processors give me the option to do that? Because I wouldn't like to interrupt any songs by taking time out for tweaking with settings again n again. Just one press with the foot and B00M!