Ive just finished my application for the Flora London marathon in 2009. Im aiming to do the run in around 3-4 hours.

for those of you who dont know what it is, its a 26 mile run across the streets of London in order to raise money for charity.

is anyone else out there planning to run it, or am I the only crazy one?
Good for you. I would have no chance at even walking that distance, I wish I was younger. Best of luck to you though
I wanna do it one day, I only run about 3/4 miles a week so I'm way off it at this stage

I'd do it.

If I wasn't lazy, unfit, and disinclined to run because the sound of my hippo-like thighs scraping together hurts my ears and makes my legs really hot due to friction.

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No offence, but someone at your age would probably struggle to get close to 3 hours, I'd aim for 4-4.5 hours. Simply because distance runners (in particular marathon runners) do not reach their peak until their late 30's.
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well, im currently running around 12-15 miles in 1 hour 30. Im on a pretty good training schedule atm and I have a whole year ahead of me yet, so i think its a pretty reasonable time. Besides, i want to aim for quite a good time, so an optimistic target is better.
well i smoke and i'm lazy so no, i won;t be doing it, however fair play to you! maybe you should join a local club to help train.
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