Whats the best amp for conventional floor type multieffects pedal...could you give me an example of a setup?.....Im thinking of getting a multieffects pedal and I want a high quality sound....like line 6 floor pod...and then the amp ..im thinking a good amp....i want my reverb or delay to sound good cause in some amps the sounds is sucky....
michael shenker flying v and my amp is just 15w sucky practice amp so ,I plan to buy a multifx floor pedal and amp....
well, for a multi FX id suggest the Line 6 Floor Pod, or what ive just ordered Zoom g2.1u, theri not to expensive and both seem to be quite good pedals. for an amp, depends on what you play, but STAY AWAY FROM MARSHALL MG's AND LINE 6 SPIDER III's, do that and you be fine,
for a multi fx id suggest a nice big cheap solid state amp
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what if the amp has no effects loop ,.,.,.so ill just plug the multieffects pedal directly on the input?..........
yer, you can put the multifx straight into the front of the amp.

i have a korg ax5g for sale on ebay if you want.

but really, it doesnt matter what type of amp you get if youre using multifx, it just depends what kind of stuff you're gonna play.

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that im not to sure about, as my pedal hasn't arrived, and im new to playing with pedals, (without having them set up at the store so i can test them) so i cant really say, but give the thread time
so my setup would be solid state amp>fx pedal>guitar.......im thinking of zoom or line 6 floor pod...then the amp ..probably marshall........