Which is better value, what makes it better.
Why should i get a rack wah?
Should I get a different brand (vox, morley, etc...)

I play mostly maiden, satch, dream theater, metallica for the heavier stuff,
cream, dire straits, hendrix, bluesy stuff
RHCP, (but don't want to pay $$$$ for WH10)
and some punk if im in the mood

thanx in advance
Dude I dont know about rack wahs, but if you want a RHCP sound then get the 535Q. Frusciante plays the DB-02 dimebag sig, the WH-10 and the 535Q and you can get very similar sounds to the DB and the WH out of it. It also does very nice metal, shred, blues and rock stuff.
535 baby
all the way
so hot, it'll sing for you the way you want
it'll scream for you the way you want
it'll weep from time to time
just make sure you get a power supply
the rack wah is cool because it gives you extra tone control.

But all in all

I prefer the 535Q anyday.
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rack wah is better, but it probably isn't as practical for you. If you don't wanna pay a lot extra for a little tone improvment, just go the 535Q
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