my torrent speeds have went way way own in the last week or so i usually get a healthy 60-80kbps but latley its been like 7kbps even when there are like 50 seeders... whats goin on, i havnt changed any of my options, and im not capped or anything.... ???
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I've got speeds of up to 500kbp/s, so I dunno what your problem is. How many seeders are there?

my download speed is 256kb/s capped by isp
maybe ur isp has slowed ur service??? check ur speed at the start of the next billing pariod... or it mite be bandwith issues.
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well i just checked that its exempt in my firewall and changed the port number and still nothing. 49 seeders...
My gear:
Ibanez jem555, rg320, rg170dx
Ashton gt100 amp
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speedz up to 500kbp/s captain!

initiate über speed!!

yes captain!

1000kbp/s captain!

how's she holding?


Keep her together!

xD that's how my downloads work

oh and it's utorrent, with ports sometimes opened when it feels like it
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ofcourse i laughed xD

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Is the port you're using for utorrent open? Just depends on connectability (I'm aware that's not a word).

It is a word
Maybe the people you're connecting to have really ****ty upload speeds? Unless it's happening with all of the torrents you try to connect to. In which case....I don't have the slightest clue. :p
ok i figured it out.... im pretty petty so i was only uploading 1kbs to save my usage but as soon as i changed it my download rate rocketed up ...thanks dudes !!
My gear:
Ibanez jem555, rg320, rg170dx
Ashton gt100 amp
boss me50
Lol, leeeeeechheerrr. :p I do the same thing, haha. That's the best way not to get caught. But of course, you're not downloading anything illegal, right. Just freeware!