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Feel free to laugh at my work guys, I'm still a beginner at songwriting!!! please give me tips to improve!!!


Verse 1:
Follow me inside my crib
Let us stare for the greatest view
Open the back door, you should
see something wonderful
Welcome to the paradise, isn't it perfect
The swimming pool, trees and oxygens suits
this place, and don't forget the sunset and
the clear drinkable lake

Verse 2:
Oh beautiful garden, where birds are humming
to sing along, This is the best backyard that
anyone ever strolled. I can't get enough and
how about you girl, Tonight, light the
campfire, Let's tell each other romantic and
funny stories, please enjoy this time and the
lemon pie that you cooked, let's eat it now

I can forget anywhere else but here
This is both heaven and haven
Irreplaceable venue, All the positivity and
peace and happiness, that is exclusively in
this paradise. Our thoughts, memories, and
love are the precious remembrances, thanks
to my infinity backyard of my crib, Our kids
should love this place like we parents do


Verse 2:
I decided to come back inside our house
I felt so sleepy as well as you, turn off
the lights baby for us to have a sweet dreams
about the backyard again, it's so amazing
I'm going to dispatch anyone who tries to
wreck it, so be careful of the creepy strangers

(Repeat Chorus)

Tomorrow morning, let's stare at the beautiful
sunrise in my infinity backyard, oh so picturesque
Eat our breakfast baby to gain some energy
Call the kids, ride our bikes, the family is
complete now, Let's stroll this infinity backyard
of nature oh so big, I'm overwhelmed with happiness
it's needless to say