Stuck writing a song and I need something that rhymes with 'self,' doesn't have to be something right on like 'elf' or 'shelf' but something I can work with. Anything close I can probably pull off, just am stuck atm.
don't go for rhyme, go for flow edit: and if you really want it to rhyme, type in rhyming dictionary into google
I can't think of any words other than those two, but these two kind of work... wealth, health.
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I was stuck in that too.....I was writing a song yesterday and i couldn't find a word that rhymes with "myself"....
what line are you trying to rhyme with? Whats the mood of the song?
chelf, delph, elf, helf, relf, relph, selph, shelf..
I'm sure the list goes on
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A better idea: don't rhyme.

But if you insist, health would probably be best.
^ I disagree. Rhyming can add a lot to a piece if used effectively. It also helps flow, and readability.

Subtle rhyming, or even, extreme rhyming takes a lot of skill to be pulled off well.

I don't think it's a better idea.

It's a possible solution, but unless you've read the piece he's writing, how can you say for sure that not rhyming is a 'better solution'?

Each to their own though.
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I see a few people have beaten me to this answer, but you're better off not rhyming...especially if it's a word that really restricts your options for words. If anything, find a word that's similar in sound and use that.