i have just bought a pedal board and flight case, i am looking for a way to attach the pedals to the board, i had the fixing kit from ebay but my peterson tuner and big muff cant be attached using them, i know using velcro is prob the best way but i dont want to stick strips of velcro to the board i would rather have the whole board covered in a material that the hook side of the velcro will stick to, ive seen boards that have the material on them but i dont know what its called lol, if anyone knows that would be great. also if anyone knows of a way to attach the velcro to the pedals withput actually sticking it to the pedal itself that would be a big help.

you could just cover the whole board in velcro? some carpets also work very well
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Cover it in felt, that oughta work. As for the velcro on the pedals, use duct tape. If you can't fix in with duck tape...... fuck it, it's broke!
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http://www.mcmaster.com/ has some velcro sheets, I got quite a bit when it was cheap a year ago. Get hook side fabric and use a high quality spray adhesive to attach it to yoru case. Then get some 3M loop tape to attach to the pedals.

Dont skimp on the spray glue or loop tape, the adhesive on the cheap stuff doesnt hold nearly as good as it should...
Some of the carpet stuff they use to cover speakers is perfect....

or go for some meccano abuse
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I used Marine grade carpet.....available at Lowes Home Improvement for like $2 for a linear foot (roughly 1.5 ft x 8 ft)

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