I don't know if this is the right place for this, and I'm very sorry if it isn't. So here goes.

I've been having excrutiating back pains for sometime now. I feel like I have to move my left shoulder back to ease the pain, but it just hurts more. And i have started to do this (moving my shoulder back) subconsciously.

I play an SG, so not a heavy guitar. But I do play for several hours a day. And the vast majority of them are standing up.

I've tried pain killers, pain releaving gel, and muscle relaxers. The pain hasn't gone away. Is my guitar even doing this, or am i just overlooking something simple? Should I see a doctor?

Please help me! I'm 15 and i don't want permanent back problems.
you have the same guitar that i do, and i don't have any problems. But then again, i don't play for like 7 hours a day. i would try sitting down for a while when playing
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im pretty damn sure this is totally the wrong place for it, but i dont care

i had excrutiating back pains last year (or the year before, i cant remember) but it was soooo bad i couldnt run & i could barely walk properly!

i suggest going to see a doctor, but when i did they found absoloutely nothing wrong, even after about 6-8 blood tests they said i was anemic, so i went to the hospital & they said i was perfectly fine!

no one gave me any pain killers though i had tried them & they never worked at all, but eventually after like 2 or 3 months, the pain finally went away on its own

i used to play a lot standing up & i still do, so i cant see it being anything to do with your guitar playing, but yeah..... go see a doctor
lately ive had the same pain, i never thought it might be guitar related though...

i duno, maybe try stretching before you play
I´m positive that playing guitar while standing is better than while sitting (for your back), because while standing it´s harder to lean forward than when sitting, of course it´s possible. Just try to keep your back straight, dont lean forward. Rest. And it should be fine. Doing some sports wouldn´t do any bad (but, obviously if the pain is too much for doing sports, it´s a different thing).
well, I wrestle. but i've taken a break for a month so i know that's not causing it. but it's my left shoulder and my strap goes on my left shoulder so i figured that it was that.

the dimarzio pickups and bigsby on my guitar shouldn't have added enough weight to make a difference. would they? cause SGs are light.

I would have thought that sitting down would be better for your back. I play pretty high so i don't lean forward to do solos.

Rest like take a break from playing rest or go to bed early rest?
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go see a doctor

This man speaks the truth.
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Definitely go see a doctor. I really doubt your guitar is causing your pain. I played an Ibanez G-10 (which weighs practically nothing) and then moved up to a Washburn WG587 7-string, which weighs more than twice as much as my Ibanez. The sudden extra weight didn't do anything to me, and I also play for hours a day.

I suggest go see a doctor. If they can't find anything, try getting a broader strap to distribute the weight more.
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guh... i get a nasty shoulder pain in the left shoulder.. right behind where the strap lies.

seeing a Doctor is the smartest thing to do...

but im lazy and i really dont want some dick telling me to sit every time i play or that i shouldnt play at all.
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I've been suffering with my back for about 10 years. Definitely see a doctor, just in case its something serious. I'd just sit n play for the time being, long term backache aint worth the risk.
Yeah, just try sitting up straight and don't slouch if you're standing up. Of course if it keeps on coming see a doctor.
The same thing happened to me last year when I was practicing with a band a lot (standing up most of the time). I'm pretty sure I just had the guitar slung too low. I play it a lot higher up now and it seems to be ok.
If the pain is right near where the strap digs into your back then maybe you should get a wider strap to spread the pressure out a bit.
And like others have said.. just play sitting down when you can.
I've got a small one-shoulder bag that I take with me on events like concerts and fairs. All it contains is an extra sweater and a drinking bottle. Hardly any weight that matters. Nevertheless, after a couple of hours my shoulder and neck start aching.

I wouldn't see a doctor but a fysiotherapist. It's almost certainly to do with your pose.
Maybe you could play in front of a large mirror for a while and see for yourself.
Stand up straight when you play, it sounds like you might be slouching...and make sure you're not trying to play with the guitar too low.
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I play a Les Paul, which is pretty heavy, and I never have pains like that, though, I play with the guitar up high (usually sitting though) the only bad thing is eventually the strap leaves a mark after a while. See a doctor, or get a massage or something.
people aren't really meant to stand in a spot for 7 hours a day.. aside from back pains, you're probably putting a lot of stress on your knees and stuff as well.

have a sit down, relax.. don't forget to sit up straight!
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I'm not a licensed doctor but play one in Ultimate Guitar.

It may sound like you have a posture issues. Does your SG hang below your waist or above the knees? James Heitfield from Metallica does it all the time. Therefore, it may be how you position strap on your guitar.

Try raising it up (you'll look like a cool funk bass player) and it'll allow you to straighten your back. Start standing straight while walking and sitting straight while sitting. If your back aches, then place a heat pack on it to heal.

Lastly, go see a doctor.

One thing that musicians need to constantly be reminded of is ergonomics. When you feel tension on the muscles, find ways to loosen and adjust the muscles. Good luck.
Ok, definitely the first thing you want to be doing is seeing a doctor. It might be related to guitar, but the back is VERY important, so the last thing you wanna do is put off seeing the doctor, as complications can arise. I would know because i had pains when i was younger, and I ignored them for too long, now I have a back problem. It isn't life threatening or anything, but I'll tell you now having back problems sucks, so if I were you I'd get that checked.
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doctors dont really specailize in back pains, but chairopractors do!!

Chiropractic is largely pseudoscience. Many doctors are perfectly familiar with back pain.
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Stand up straight when you play, it sounds like you might be slouching...and make sure you're not trying to play with the guitar too low.

listen to this guy , i play with my guitar at chest height , ive played a 3 hour set gig ( i was playing for 2 bands in a row). 1 playing bass , and 1 primarily using a les paul.
didnt ache a bit afterwards , anyone who plays low for the sake of "looking cool" is a nob IMO , saviour your health , and dont sacrifice technique for style.
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hmm i have the same problem, but i play a telecaster that feels about as heavy as a LP and i play bass as well. it comes and goes, usually depending on how long our practice the night before was, which can approach 6 hrs of the guitar being hung around me. ive been stretching before hand the past few times and it seems to be doing the trick.
I would definitely see a doctor if I were you. If you keep ignoring this it will only get worse and maybe cause permanent injury and permanent pain. It sounds like your posture is off or the guitar is too low. I'm having the same problem myself and it's getting to the point where I can't play because it hurts so much. I've tried sitting, standing, and walking around but it only eases the pain a little bit. I'm now looking into maybe getting a lighter guitar to see if that will help.

Here's a pretty good article on avoiding pain while playing:


Good luck!
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