not too serious at all haha but basically this is what happened to me last weekend. with some exaggerations

I played a pretty sweet show stage
right at my school
as well as it went I know I'll
never be cool

hoping it would bring someone
back to me
but as I'd soon find out thats
not what I need

sick sweaty and tired I stumble
out the stage door
Ive got a fever comin on I wanna
drop to the floor

"I'm stealin your girlfriend"
someone says and I nod their way
"no really, I'm serious"
I laugh and slink away

dejected, I concede that it's
happened before
did you expect to me resist?
you know that I'll never score

go ahead and take my girlfriend
I wont put up a fight
instead of spending time with her
I'll just touch myself at night

well you know how all the emo songs
have the half time breakdown and you cry along
well I just wanted to
mix it up a bit

a double date she said
but i counted seven heads
off to kohls she said
so i laid down to bed

so there i slept in the mall
for a whole hour
felt something at my skull
I looked up - there towered

over me a mustached
pissed off policeman
I got up damn fast he told me

thats when I took off running I had
nowhere to hide
you know I'm scared of Spencer's so I
sat down and cried

get out, you brat
thats what he yelled at me
and thats exactly what I did
and blew that ****ed up scene

well I'm not gonna pretend I didn't
get ****ed over again
but here's me trying to
mix it up a bit

so I'm moping around outside of
Quakerbridge mall
no girl no money
no friends to call

I cant help but to notice
these two in front of me
I watch em for an hour
nothing like porn for free

I whip out little Nicky
and give a few tugs
then came a tap on my shoulder
oh god, the same thug

that kicked me out before
caught me beatin the meat
I let out a shout and took off
runnin down the street

I made it pretty far
right down to the canal
I yelled, stop officer!
let's hear your rationale

today I've been heartstabbed
I'm sickly and weak
can I take you to Arby's?
I need something to eat

this seemed to anger
the large bald man
my life flashed in front of me as he
pushed out his hand

in the canal I fell and
died alone
**** you 420
**** you mcditchypants

well I guess that's what you get
ditched and drowning but no regrets
I know before I was through I
mixed it up a bit
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Dude ... awesome

I don't know why but it has this vibe that makes me read it again
Not much here. But kind of funny I guess.
Quote by ottoavist

i suppose there's a chance
i'm just a litte too shallow to consider
that maybe i've been a little more eager
each day to wake up and take a shower
brush my teeth and smile for the mirror
Quote by freshtunes
Not much here. But kind of funny I guess.

for true, lol.
wasnt supposed to be very deep I guess
i think its too long, but hilarious none the less. maybe cut out some of the verses and write a solid chorus. it could quite possibly turn out just as good as the title it follows