Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner when it comes to guitars.. I’ve played a classic Samick for 7 months now, and I just bought me an Epiphone Les Paul "Black Beauty" cuz I’m a fan of Buckethead and I cant afford to buy a Gibson. So I just bought an Epiphone and I will try to modify the pickups to make it sound like a Gibson, and if its possible, make it sound like Bucketheads Gibson.
So, I’m thinking of getting some good gear to get the best out of it... so I’ll just list down what I’m thinking of buying and you guys can give me your opinions… if you please

1- Pickups:

I’m thinking of the DiMarzio Tone Zone for the neck and a DiMarzio Air Norton for the Bridge and I’m really confused about the middle pickups... but they all have to be humbuckers..
what do you guys suggest for a good middle humbucker that goes well with the above pickups?

2- Effects Pedal:

I’m thinking of the Zoom multi-effect pedals... and I was wondering if it has most of the effects out there? or just 2 or 3 effects? ... I just want something with a bunch of effects.

3- Amp:

didn’t really think about it, but I heard a lot about Marshal.. I just don’t want something that will cost a lot when it comes to the Amp..

Most of the stuff I play right now are clean since I play a classic, but I want to be able to play different kinds of music. and from what I read, this gear can give me the versatility I’m looking for.

My budget isn’t that high.. but I will be able to afford the pickups, and for the rest of the list I guess I’m gonna have to buy them later on one at a time.

So, what do you think guys?

and thanks in advance..

Ali K
Don't consider Marshall if you don't have a lot to spend. Look at Roland Cubes and the Vox AD series. They're modeling amps meaning they emulate well known amps. They also both have some built-in effects.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
yeah vox valvetronix and roland cubes are best budget practice amps.
can get good cleans out of both
both amps are pretty versatile as they model various amps to suit different genres
both websites have some good videos/ sound samples which are worth checking out too
dont get a solid state marshall mg they suck, only buy marshall if you can afford a tube amp
depending on how much of a beginner at guitar you are, it could be completely pointless to buy anything more than what youve got. well, maybe a little amp would help, if youve only played acoustic.

you see, the differences between the great stuff and the ok stuff is really not a big deal when youre learning guitar. you wont get a buckethead sound out of buckethead gear any more than ****t setup. he can play his magic on a squier strat and a 3 watt amp if he wanted. dont expect greatness to spring forth from money, man.

if its not the case, i apologize in advance.
I'm sure I won't be the first to relay this sentiment, but don't turn a wrench on the guitar until you have a good amp. The stock pickups may be perfect for what you eventually try and do.
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I just checked out the Roland Cube 20x... and its a killer!!
after seeing it, i might just leave the rest of the list for the future... IF I EVER NEED IT!!
i might get most of the stuff im looking for in that Amp...

Pickups : later on
Effects Pedal : later on
Amp : its a Roland Cube 20x for sure (I loved the acoustic simulator!!)

I think I'll just get that amp and leave the rest of the list for later, but i still want to know which middle pickup would go with the two pickups i've chosen... and what do you think about the Zoom Multi-Effect pedal?

thank you guys for opening my eyes on such a great Amp...

Btw... i just came up with this list cuz i dont want to blame my gear later on if i sucked!
but anyway.. I just want to prepare it just in case..

you wont get a buckethead sound out of buckethead gear

I already know that, and you're totaly right... i just want my options to be ready

again.. thanks for the head up guys.