So I got my guitar a little while back as a Christmas present, it's an Ibanez and says "Gio" in the logo as well, though I'm not sure what model it is. I think it came from Musicians Friend, but I'm not sure. I looked around on there and couldn't find one that looked like it, and the receipts and all that aren't around anymore.

My question is, does anyone know of a way I can identify what kind of guitar it is? Or would someone be able to identify it if I posted some pictures?
Google 'Ibanez gio' theres a few music websites and also a section on wikipedia about the gio range.
I looked there as well and was unable to figure out what the model was still.

That is all.
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Post pics or look on the back of the head and it shold at the name at the very top.

In other words, look at the big Ibanez logo at the top, flip it over, and it should say the model right behind it. Mine is a GAX70 and it is in that spot.
pics wud help
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Will be posting pics when a camera is available to me, sorry it's taking so long. I didn't find a model number on the back of the guitar or anything either.

Should be later today when the pics are up.