Hi ppl,

After having this guys bass for a few months (he's after me now and wants it back!) ive decided to buy a new one, am looking to spend under £200, so like $400 as im not that great and only really play with a few friends.

I'm currently learning a bit of slap bass, so maybe one good for this? If theres any difference..

The Peavey Milsetone is a great first bass, it's reasonably good, and retials over herein the UK for around £100-120, it's got J-style pick ups, so has a nice slap sound, and is also pretty versatile, I still use mine from time to time.

It's available in a variety of colours too, mine is sunburst, which imo is the nicest of the choices, they arn't fantastic for gigging, but at that price, wat is? My mate, my girl friend and a couple of local bands bassist's use them, and they are in the FAQ, also one of the guys at my local PMT music store has one, and still plays it from time to time, so it's well recommended

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STagg bass off ebay...did me wonders for a long time...you can get em with a practice amp 2
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