Hi everybody!

I just released a little drum machine application for S60 3rd edition mobile devices. The reason I'm posting this announcement here is that the application was especially made for guitar playing purposes. I bought a guitar month ago and couldn't find any decent drum machine or metronome application for my mobile phone, so I had to do it by myself. For PCs there are many of such software but messing with laptop while playing was too difficult..

So here it is, have fun!
BeatEd homepage

Additional links:
YouTube video about BeatEd in action
AAS article about BeatEd
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The new BeatEd v1.20.00 released 2008-12-12.

New features include:
-Sharing drum loops over MMS and Bluetooth messages.
-Exporting patterns to audio files.
-Sharing exported audio over MMS or BT.
-Improved audio quality.
-and other minor improvements..

Download the latest release from the BeatEd homepage:
Four new sample kits are available from the BeatEd home page:

The new kits include:
* Clapper Kit: 16 hand claps to build rhythmic clapping with.
* Glitch Kit: Edgy, sharp, shorty, unusual but usable modern sounds.
* Simmons Kit: Classic and lesser known sounds from the famous Simmons electronic drum kit.
* C64 Newskool Kit: Fat Commodore 64 8580 SID sounds from the master of SID drums, Linus/Triad+Viruz.

All kits are arranged by AMJ/(B), except samples for the C64 kit by Linus/Triad.