An instrumental cover of SIYL by SP, I'm still learning how to record using GarageBand and my M-Audio Firewire 410 interface. Had some problem with digital buzzing on the clean tracks, I was able to eliminate a lot of buzzing by adjusting the input levels on my firewire interface, I was too lazy to fix it on the clean tracks. In my profile, link below, C4C...

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Thanks! Yeah they are definitely one of my favorite bands, I learned guitar playing their music.
a nice cover, really nice actually, very similar to the original and has that machina vibe going on. which is always cool again as above im not sure about the ebow really but overall a good cover


could do with some vocals though.

check out my pumpkins cover-stumbeliene i think its on the first page here or my profile
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Sounds stunning, it would be cool if you did the whole lot with vocals or even added Bass guitar.
Seems like you have access to some nice effects I'd like to hear one you do maybe one of the Pices Iscarriot songs, that could be interesting
I'm not a good singer, I've been trying to get my wife to lay some vocals down but she says she is too busy with her quote unquote grad school thing. One of these days I'll catch her with some free time and cut some vocals. I really want to do Gossamer - that would be really difficult to do though.