Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a nice metal guitar, but I have no need for a Floyd (Definitely not good enough to play much that uses it) and I think it'd just cause more trouble than it's worth for tuning and such.

I've been looking at the Ibanez RGT6EXFX


Also, I'm trying not to go over 800-900 dollars for this even though its a far off purchase.

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Fender Showmaster or an Epiphone Explorer imo

or by floyd do you mean trem?
Thats a really nice ibanez. Id go for that, or a schecter C1 in spite of the fact I hate the shecter neck. For rhythm my guitars are usually different anyways. For rhythm is 13 gauge strings and a tunematic bridge.
im playing two guitars without floyds
-Epiphone Les Paul standard
-Dean ML
but i need to get an axe with a floyd on it
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What about this Dean Inferno V? for pickups, all they say is "humbucker", so I'm kind of wary as to how they'll sound compared to EMG85/81s. Also, I hear the Dimesploitation (CFH, Dean From Hell, etc etc) guitars are way overpriced for their hardware. Truth?

Excellent suggestions so far, by the way.
Schecter Hellraiser (EMGs, w/coiltap) or Blackjack ATX (SD Blackout pickups).
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The quality on the deluxes is great.

Epiphone isn't straightfoward with their products. The mahogany body contains alder as well. The maple caps are pretty thin, about as thin as possible, and the hardware other than the tuners and bridge would need replacing if you ever want it to scream.
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