I'm getting fatal error each time I try to run any program.
I strongly suspect a corruption of registry. I'm running windows xp.

I have a fairly good knowledge of PC.

I just need the name of this trojan.

Any of u who knows????

But seriously, you need to give more information than that to be able to ID the Trojan
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If you suspect a trojan - which I don't think it is - run an antivirus program like avast! or AVG-antivirus (you can get both for free at download.com).

Could be an error caused by a program, or maybe you deleted something crucial.

If you have the XP cd you can put it in the computer and after a reboot run some repair thing from it.
get the stinger antivirus and run it in safe mode, it's free just google "stinger"
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sorry just a question... if you can't run any application how are you posting on this forum? different computer?
well... I fixed it with a pre-installed OS and running some tool afterwards.

Anyway... i could boot in safe mode but I did not know what to change exactly in the registry.
Running antivirus is a useless attempt. I doubt a system restore would work.
The thing with trojan is that they can literally kill your antivirus.

And I did not know that it was possible to run "stinger" (or any other applications) in safe mode. Never tried. I always thought safe mode was restricted to applications essential for windows to run.

I know it was a really short amount of info but i remember this trojan was quite famous.

And yeah I have a mac running as well with the so buggy leopard.

Thx for your help guys. Really appreciated.