Was wondering how much a volume pedal would be so tapped it into thomann.de...
Thomann do a range of cheapo expression/switching pedals etc called 'Lead Foot'.

Thoughts on the volume pedal?

A/B Box?

I'd imagine there'd be a fair amount of tone suck - but being a passive design - maybe it could be ok.
Guess for that price you can't lose... Perhaps I'll try one next time I order something worth €10 shipping.

I'm not looking for suggestions on volume pedals or A/B boxes particularly - thought it might be a nice find.
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Yeah, tone suckage and general quality (as in how long it works, how much damage it can take) are suspicious. But if it's good, then I might even get one (volume pedal).
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well they should be alright, anything that is wrong with them could be fixed with pot/jack replacment as they're both pretty simple pedals. Thats if you're handy with a soldering iron.