So this weekend I am going to the bahamas on a cruise. I was wondering if they lower the drinking age to 18 once the ship is on international waters. Or am I going to have to wait until I actually am in the Bahamas.
[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']Which flag does the ship sail under? It is that country's laws that are in effect on the boat when on international waters.
I'm not sure, but thanks for the info.
I had the same question when I was going on a plane to and from the US, but they didn't card me anyway so it didn't matter.

I guess since I was on an Air Canada flight I was legal.
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You're from the US right? I recall some guy complaining on NGC on a documentary about The Freedom Of The Seas that he couldn't drink alcohol on board. You'd probably still have to be 21 y/o.
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You'll have to be 21. You'll most likely get a card that's your room access, payment, ID on ship, etc etc and it has your age in the network, so when they scan it, they'll know.