I have a schecter hellraiser with emgs and I need a new amp for gigging soon
I also have a roland cube 60 but thats all

I'm really want a tube so recommend me tubes please
Although the hellraiser is meant for metal; I want to play really mellow stuff too like red hot chili peppers

I will probably get another guitar as soon as I get the money to cover cleans and that bluesy light rock tone

I've already thought about many tubes like marshalls, krank, peavey and others
I'm looking for a nice tube that can be used for gigging with overall nice tone
Metal wize; children of bodom or metallica tone, cleans like chili peppers, warm
Check around local music stores, try out everything you can find. I found a slammin deal on a Mesa Nomad half stack. Mines got a real nice metal sound and a good warm clean sound, only complaint is that it gets boomy when you're using a humbucker on the clean. Try out a lot of things to find out what sounds good to you.
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I'm kinda bored with threads asking for COB brootalz and Chili Peppers cleans. Each of those tones came from $5000+ rigs. That being said, a Carvin V3 could cop it pretty well, for a grand.
A few years ago when I was looking for a gigging amp I ran across a Crate Blue voodoo 120 watt head with a 4x12 cabinet. I too was playing a schecter (omen 6 if Im not mistaken), and i decided to buy the amp to "hold me over until I could find something else. However, after replacing the tubes, I never looked back. The amp had the most beautiful cleans I had ever heard and the distortion was fantastic too. I used a digitech multi pedal to get my chorus and my lighter distortions, but i felt that the heavier songs sounded perfect with the BV's distortion maxed out. You can find used Blue voodoos every once in a while on ebay, or if you're looking for a new amp you can check out guitar center or sam ash. Crate doesn't still produce the blue voodoo so to speak but if I'm not mistaken they still have a line of tube amps where the model number starts with BV. These contain the exact same guts as the blue voodoo, just under a different name. You can get everything from a single 10 combo all the way up to a full stack. If you have a good pa i suggest the 212 combo and just mic it, its way less strenuous to lug around and probably has the same output as my 120. I know I sound a bit one sided as far as tubes are concerned but for what you're wanting to play I don't think you can go wrong with this amp. Other than that you should just try out tube amps and see what fits your style. A new one can be quite costly and it can get expensive to buy one you're not happy with and have to replace it to fit your tastes. I just got lucky and got exactly what I was looking for at a steal my first time around. Good luck and I hope this was helpful.
budget would be quite helpful....
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hey deadmeat82 what did you change your tubes to in your blue voodoo,i was thinking about changing mine but just wondering what to.