Anyone know of a decent site fo robtaining backing tracks? Finally decided to pick up my guitar for the first time in months and realised that..i really need to practice if im going to become good. So i've started practicing again but..unlucky me,i have a music performance tomorrow (GCSE grade). I've already got a BT for Chapter Four for our ensemble but im having a darn hard time trying to find Teenage Kicks by the Undertones. Any help?
how do you manage going months without playing if you've got a performance tomorrow?
Tried GuitarBT,didnt have Teenage Kicks, good site though thanks. And well,i knew I had the performance tomorrow, its assigned to a certaind ate. I just..havent practiced. Im very lazy and have an Xbox 360.
You know, google is a wonderful thing.
You can get information there instead of bothering people with such threads.