Wats goin on everybody I need some help. See, my band broke up not too long ago and I was putting another one back together. PS. My band went like bankrupt and people got tired of our music store and stuff but anyway . My new band is just alot of local people and friends but we are missing one thing, (A DRUMMER) well i was going to see if UG could help any but I dont really know if it will but you have to know how to play because I have had people come up to me and I gave them an audition and they were horrible . Thanks UG and I hope to hear from yall in the future (hopefully before our first gig of the season of battle of the bands ) Look forward to hearing from yall and yall can look me up on myspace. My name is cameron, if you type it in, i will be the one with the default of me without a shirt or the bully bell Georgia vs. Auburn. Preciate it Live long and prosper Well I was told that I needed to give age groups and all that. I am looking for ages like 15-20 and we are playing 80s rock and newer styles of metal and stuff like that. I need someone who can rock out because we don't do gigs for less than $300-700 a gig so we are playing at some pretty hard core places. I live in swainsboro, GA but I came out of Macon and Metter so I need someone from around these areas because we play in all those places at battle of the bands and stuff. I appreciate your comments and hope to find someone that can play for us.
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It would really help you if you posted a location in GA and a style that your looking for. Age group would be nice too.
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