I use Magix the recording program and i bought a double headed plug cord or w/e, i'm not sure the proper name for it is, but i hooked it up to my microphone plug in my computer and the other end into my headphone plug and my friend does the same thing but the problem is that its really static and my friends is really clean and i'm not sure what the problem is...help?
So you ran a phono (TRS) cord from the headphones port on your amp to the mic port on your pc but have static. Stock sound cards are not made to record and will greatly carry in quality, your friend got lucky. If you want good recordings you'll want to buy yourself a fairly priced interface which is a piece of hardware that bypasses your stock sound card. The m-audio fast track USB and line6 Toneport GX are cheap and good for a one man band setup most of the time.
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I think you need a sound card. A cheap Creative Audigy ($20 at some places) or Chaintech AV710 should help considerably.
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I'd say he was better going with a cheap interface though, if he's willing to shell out money.
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