Ok so basically the last two years of my life have been hectic. I seriously have not stopped for one moment. I'm gonna spare you the long boring story of my life because, well, its not needed but bsically I have had no time for anything for two years.

Which means no time for this forum and no time to play bass. That coupled with a huge writers block that actually lasted over three years and just ended a month or so ago had led to me completely losing... well interest isn't the word really, more the motivation to actually play my bass.

Fast forward to now and I now have some free personal time on my hands and a rekindled interest in writing and recording. To help gee me up, as it were, I've bought a new bass and am looking into getting a new amp so I can play bass in both places I live.

I'm not asking about any of that though what i really wanted to know is if any of you had had any similar experiences? A long period of time when you either couldnt or just couldnt face playing for one reason or another?

How much had it effected your technique? our sense of rythym? Your ear?

Also any ideas on what I should be concentrating on (baring in mind i know scales andkeys like the back on my hand) and any ideas on what I could play to help menot only get on course but advance further?

Le Sraah
Interesting - I just realized that fortunately, I never really had a problem like that yet. However, I have had the opposite; where my bass playing affected everything else.
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Not with bass but a similar experience with drums. This is my freshman year at college and i obviously cannot bring my set to the dorms. So i couldn't play until winter break, about 4 months. and it sucked coming back, it felt very strange playing, and i got tired very easily. The longest i've been without guitar or bas though is only a week or two, so i could pick it back up very easily.

And as far as you getting back into playing, do you still have your endurance? If so thats one of the toughest things to get back. Just go back and play through some songs you knew and eventually it will all come flooding back. Good Luck
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I've never had it as extensively as 3 years but about a year or so ago I had about 4 months where I just wasn't motivated to play bass at all so I gave it a break and only played occasionally.

I came back to playing more determined than ever and I think I advanced more quickly in that time than I have done at any other point in my time playing bass.

As for advancing further, maybe start to look at developing a new technique to add to the arsenal.

Good to see you back round here
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First off, welcome back Sarah!

I have probably the most extreme case on this forum for having to put playing bass or guitar on the backburner: 12 years. Yes, because of parenthood and an IT career that took off in the early 90s, I put playing music aside for over a decade. It took the interest of my youngest kid to get me back into playing.

Some of it is like riding a bike--you never forget, but those first few months you're going to be a bit wobbly. Muscle memory will be intact, but the stamina will need to be built back up. Work your drills, scales and other fundamentals. Go back and revisit those songs you used to play as well.

On the plus side, you will come back to all of this with a renewed and fresh interest, which will take you to new places in your playing. Good luck!
^ thanks. Yea i kind of figured my stamina may have suffered with the lack of playing.
Le Sraah
Good to see you back! I can't really say I've every taken large breaks, mainly just a couple of weeks and the like.

From those, I barely suffered (Though my speed diminished slightly).

I was quickly back up to standard, and progressing, within a short period of time, however.
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I had a period of time where I stopped playing for a while. Not as long as you, but a few months. I just figured the best way to get back in was to play riffs and songs I enjoyed and wanted to hear. After some playing it all comes back. Maybe that would work for you?