ok guys i gotta quick question. Would learning to play left-handed benifit me at all? i'm right-handed and ive been playing right-handed for about 6 months (im a nooB) but ive been playing trumpet for 7 years and my left hand is like crazy fast. i was wondering if it would help at all due to the fact that my left hand is already in good "shape"
Well, if you're already quite good, keep it up. But for buying stuff and testing stuff out you'll be so much better off going right handed. I'm left handed, have a £250 Ibanez and it's like, the best left handed one they have. Trust me, go right handed if you value your wallet.
Your left hand is the one that's doing the fretting, so that's the one you want to be "crazy fast" out of the two of them anyway.
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