Selling my Squier Black and Chrome Fat Strat. It's about a month old, but sounds identical to another guitar I have, so...I'm trying to sell the one with less sentimental value to me.
It's black with chrome pic guard/hardware, two single coil pickups in the front and a humbucker at the bridge position. Great sounding guitar, plays great and the fretboard on this thing is fast and smooth.
It's LIKE NEW CONDITION, and I'm asking $175.00 for it SHIPPED to any of the lower 48 US states, or $150.00 for pickup in Northeast Pennsylvania.
Reply here or email me @ paulbouchard9@yahoo.com if you are interested and I'll get you a picture. Or look for it on like musicians choice, the guitars virtually new and will come with the whammy bar and all original stock setup.

Also selling a Titanium ESP EC50 for the same price, $175.00 shipped to any of the lower 48, and $150.00 for pickup in Northeast PA. Very good condition, just missing the little top that goes on the toggle switch. It's about a year old, so it's got some use to it, but no damage and looks good. I just don't play heavy enough rock anymore that I even use it.

Here are links to the two guitars with pictures:

Thanks. Paul
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dude showpicsno ones even gonna bother wihtoutpics

Yeah, I was pretty sure about that. I'll get pics up tonight.