Right, I've had this thing for over a week now, and I've done nothing but play arounmd with it figuring out how it works.

I need to make a damn sound with it! lol
has anyone got any decent settings or suggestions!?

I'm looking for patches for everything, as I do play alot of different genres, which is part of the reason I bought the thing -.-

Metal, Rock, Blues, whjatever man.
There are a lot of good patches available online for free. To use them or load them you need a usb/midi interface cable to hook the GT8 up to the computer (about $40). You will also need an editor to communicate with the GT8. My suggestion is to go to www.bossgtcentral.com and get the editor from there. There is also some helpful information on that site on how to connect everything.

Site for patches is www.boogieshooz.com/gt8/files/default.asp#sorbz62

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Cool, ill need to get me a usb interface then, looks interesting.

Anyone got any decent suggestions for the mean time?
ah, youre david i see!

well, dont use the EZ tone setting!

fiddle about for years and use your ears

plan B - get a nice amp.....