Hey guys, my girlfriend is doing a music video project for her video production class and is doing one for our band.

1) Does anybody have experience with really low budget filming?

2) Any ideas for making it look more professional?

We have to tell a story but also have film of us playing the song live.

3) Any good places to get actors?

Just any general knowledge would be useful. Thanks a lot guys. Oh yeah, we have 3 days to film it in.
Try and get a big ass poster in the back ground. :]
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1. no
3. you can try acting, which makes more sense.
2. don't have the camera in one place all the time, lighting and play with different effects on the computer
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Can we hear the song...? It would help.
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A good camera makes a huge difference, number one. Secondly, it can depend on editing software you might use. A whole bunch of stuff.
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Hypocrite ey? You could be performing for one person and they'd be rubbishing you: shaking their head, heckling and just acting hateful. all from the comfort of a deckchair, like they were a record label man.

Then you go away and they grab one of your CD's rip off their shirt and rub it all over their body whilst salivating. You walk in on them and then the rest of the shots consist of close ups on your shocked faces.
Unless you have a stadium with about 50000 people in it, a live amateur vid won't really look good.

Can't you just use the MP3 and act out/mime everything?
You probably could try a revolving stage effect were the camera goes in circles around the stage. Or u could have everyone with their own fantasy like in Nine in the Afternoon-Panic at the Disco! and Afterlife-A7X

O and the song was pretty awesome by the way
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The only secret to great budget clips is the idea. Do something novel. If it surprises the audience, it can make them forget that the rest is sh*te.

Right, now you need a novel idea I suppose. :-/

I wouldn't act out what you are singing about. At best I would stage out situations or people that are generally associated with being hypocrits. Politicians and lawyers come to mind.

Maybe the singer could dress-up as a political candidate, giving a speach. Instead of speaching he sings the lyrics. Use the gestures a politician would do.

He could stand in front of strange audiences: on a bridge over the highway, addressing heavy traffic, on a soap box in a pig shed. Start with a close-up on the speaker, then zoom out to reveal the weird set. Show some close ups of the audience (cars and pigs). Then some more shots of the speaker, front, side, rear.

You can picture him handing out flyers on the street to unlikely voters. Or to people wearing Nixon and Reagan masks. Or in front of a bank, to a bank robber running out with a pistol and a money bag. Or to toddlers in a pre-school. Have him shake hands with a large fake smile, if possible whilst singing.

Between these 'acts' you can show sequences of your band perform in a court room, dressed-up in English toga's, wearing wigs; the front man standing in the witness box, the rest of the band playing in the jury box. Of course you need access to a court room. If you dress up convincingly, this could be simulated in some other large room, perhaps at your girlfriend's school. You could go extreme low budget by making witness and jury boxes out of cartboard, and write 'Witness' an 'Jury' on it in black marker.

The idea is to have your band mates in the clip, and to switch between your different 'political' settings. A clip needs to be dynamic, so keep sequences short to keep the audience hooked.

I'm not sure all this is really new. Maybe someone already used a similar idea. I've never seen it, but who am I...

Anyway, have fun. Post us a link to your result.
If you wanna do it really low budget, base the video around the Blair Witch Project, all you'll need is one cheap video camera and a video editing suite.
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If you wanna do it really low budget, base the video around the Blair Witch Project, all you'll need is one cheap video camera and a video editing suite.

I was watching that last night, I think they had 2