A 'not-very-well-known' band, apparently 'prog metal', don't know if I'd agree, not very heavy, but that's not a problem IMO well worth a listen though, guitar work is really good, Link to myspace below, I strongly reccomend a listen, Waste damnation is a great tune, I use them as a break from really heavy stuff tbh. Couldn't find a thread on them, So Anyone else heard of them? What do you think of them?

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I can only think of Caribou and Manitoba when I hear their name.

But, they give off a real old school metal vibe. Unique for today's standards, pretty awesome. What I aspire for in a band actually
They covered Beat It. Awesome. But I agree with the above comment, they do have a strong older, kinda 80's vibe to them, which sounds pretty cool with their music.