Well when I have a choice, I usually choose Rhthym parts over lead parts. Not because they are easier or anything, right now I just it better, Can't really explain it.

Well my question is what are some pretty easy songs like (Aerosmith or AC/DC) that are mostly based on power chords. I know most people will suggest back in black.

My problem with this song is that after the first part of the main riff, the descending part sounds nothing like it does in the song. So if you can tell me why that is it would be a great help. Thanks
Any Blink 182 song.

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Thats all you need to know.
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Pretty much any Sex Pistols song.

Thanks, I'll try a few. Do you know of a website that has a list of amp settings for like certain artists? I have a feeling that maybe that's why Back in BLack sounds so bad.....BEcause even the rhythm part to "Long way to the top...." sounds pretty bad and it's just a few pretty simple chords.
Back in Black uses open chords....

Try some songs by The Who and Wolfmother.
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*Plays A5* "Power Chords - They're Great!"

ok...well that isn't enough info. What other chords should i combine it with?
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Back in Black uses open chords....

Try some songs by The Who and Wolfmother.

Which Who songs? I know baba o'riley is pretty easy but it's the same thing throughout the whole song other than the solo.
lol Almost all modern rock & metal songs of the past 20-25 years use power chords. You can just listen for them. Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, any punk band, most metal and grune bands, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Dimmu Borgir, System of a Down...

You name it, they probably use power chords of some sort in at least parts of their songs, if not through the whoel thing.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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Dio plays everything with power chords, pretty much all metal is power chords aka Metallica etc....
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Any Ranmones Song

Ya I've been playing quite abit of ramones recently.

I'm going to have to say that Blitzgrieg bop is the second easiest song ever. In my opinion its easier than smoke on the water.

With the easiest being horse without a name.

I think I'm going to try paranoid.
Metal Health - Quit Riot

Easy to play along with and sounds great
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Any Blink 182 song.
or any punk rock song...
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infact,,,,bloody hundreds of songs since the 50's
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The Hell Song by Sum 41,

Flame on, but Holiday by Green Day.

Seven Nation Army by White Stripes
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Pretty much any Sex Pistols song.

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Any Ranmones Song

Wrong. All of their songs are barre chords and open chords. Seven Nation Army is barre chords, too. I think Holiday by Green Day is as well, but he only plays the non-power chord notes a little bit, probably unintentionally.

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