So i restrung my guitar yesterday (Apri 19) and I broke my high E string The day right after i restrung it.(April 20)

So i was tunning up from Drop C to go to standard E tunning when it snapped.It snapped from the peg at the head and i had it wrapped around about 4 or 5 times.
These are the strings i was using

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i use the same strings and dont often have a snapping problem, especialy right after re-string.
check theres no corrosion to your tuning peg.
that aside i dont kno what to say, it was maybe just a crap batch of strings.
how the hell were you play in Drop C with 9's? if you want to downtune you have to use thicker strings man, thats probably the problem... try like 11' or 12's
Two reasons:

1.) If you're tuning all the way down to Drop C with strings like that, yeah. Those are very light gauge strings for metal-type tunings.

2.) You're asking for trouble if you re-string your guitar and immediately tune down. When you string your guitar, you're supposed to leave it at a relatively high tension so the strings become used to being tight. If you leave them loose (like in Drop C tuning), they won't be able to bare the strain of being tightened as easily.

Especially when you have 9's for your top E. lol

When you string your guitar next time, buy something like GHS Heavy-Weight Boomers. (10 - 60 is fine for everything from Drop B to Standard E.) When you string the guitar, leave it in standard E for at least a day or so. If you can, tune it a step higher than standard E. Open E is great too. Pull on the strings after you re-string it. Just a little bit, so it gets used to high tension. After a day or two of sitting like that, then you can down tune it.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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Oh ok,thanks guys I guess I wasn't really thinking.
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Oh ok,thanks guys I guess I wasn't really thinking.

It's fine. The only reaon those Ernie Ball's are the most popular is because most rock guitarists don't use heavy gauge strings since they don't down tune all the time. My uncle uses 52's and his friends think they're rediculously thick for Standard E and Drop D. I only go to Drop C now, and I still use 60's. I find no sense in getting 70's for Drop B tuning unless you have a 6-string with a really long neck. If you're tuning that low, it's probably time to get a 7-string guitar.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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it might could be a burr (sharp peice of metal) on the saddle and when your pick hits it and makes your string vibrate and causes it to hit the burr and snapping the string

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Well i only use drop C to fool around like once a week so anyways what gauge strings should i get/what brand?Any suggestions would be good.Oh and thanks for all the help.
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Ernie Ball Not Even Slinkies if you want to stay on the Ernie Ball front.

However beyond that there is D'addario jazz medium guages, sure they say jazz- but they are ment for drop tuneing with how thick they are.
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