Hi there.. 1st time to buy multi effects.. my first and last hehe.. can you help me choose: DIGITECH RP350 / ZOOM G2.1U / BOSS ME-20(or 50) / KORG AX1500.. all seems good on most reviews.. so which do you think is the best choice? i prefer better sound quality over budget. ill use it mostly on home studio only... I'll pair it with my Roland Microcube amp.... thanks for the help =)
i have a digitech rp90 i think its pretty kick ass.. but thats a rp90... not rp350.. and i havent used the others.. so id say rp350
I have used the digitech RP series, they blow harder than blow itself. I own a Boss Me-50 and it is perfect. The only complaint is, the Wah sound is a little tinny. Buy a weeping demon if you want a killer wah sound.

The Zoom and Korg are both low rate, and are more for beginners. I have seen semi-pros using the ME-50 live. They play in working cover bands.
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