Right, basically i bought a cheap and cheerful shotgun microphone about a year ago, just as an all round microphone - which was used pretty much just for acoustic guitar and very very rough drums. I was pretty pleased with the quality - however, for an overall sound for the drums, it wasn't brilliant.

So my question to you guys is:
Could you name some [cheapish] microphones that would capture a balanced overall sound from a kit? And also be able to record some pretty decent vocals too.

I've been looking into the Samson C01, Behringer C2's, Superlux ECOH6A. Hopefully that gives you an idea of my price range/what im looking for.

Cheers, Joe
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Shure Sm57. It's $100 for one. I get great results with it for whatever; Drums, acoustics, amps, horns, even vocals. It is the most versatile mic I have used anywhere, and highly recommend it to everyone.
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Kick - Sennheiser e602
Overheads - Behringer ECM8000

I wouldn't typically use either of them for vox, though.

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