I was at the local tip the other day (incidentally, I got my first ever guitar there), and I saw a wet old Argos catalogue. Quite recent. I picked it up, remembering they sell guitars... I just wanted a look-see.

I was expecting cheapo Korean brands no-one has heard of - but I see all over the page "Gibson" and "Fender" logos, writ large. I thought I'd check the headstocks, and what do I see?


Epiphone may be a good brand, maybe a crap one, I'm not experienced enough to know. And I know Gibson owns Epiphone. But fact is Argos were advertising "Fender" Stratocasters and "Gibson" Les Pauls & SGs, saying they were the real brands, but were really copycat Epiphone axes.

Eh, it happens. Just steer clear is all. Nothing you can do about it.
no dont they have those gibson baldwin guitars?

they dont lie about it, they just make sure the Gibson logo is massive on the page...
Well... Gibson actually owns Epiphone; and Fender owns Squier. So, in a mendacious way, the catalogue is truthful.
You'll notice on Ebay, a lot of Epiphones are called 'Gibson Epiphone' too, and Squiers are called 'Squier by Fender'.

Officially speaking, those are correct names for the brands. So, Argos is doing nothing wrong.