what is the difference between these two devices? I see the silver has more amp models etc. but is there anything else? I notice on one it says gearbox PLUG IN and the other it doesnt say that. SO i dont know what that means.
The toneport is the piece of hardware, gearbox is the piece of software you use to run the toneport.

Toneports come with the gearbox software supplied. I'm not sure what the silver pack is but I have the gold pack which is the fully upgraded version.
You buy the Toneport that comes with the standard version on Gearbox, then you can download the silver/gold package from the Line6 website, which you install.

EDIT - with the Gold package you get both the Plug-in and the Toneport, so that might be the case with the Silver aswell.
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there is this one and its just the toneport GX with gearbox etc.


and this one for 100 its the silver version but the toneport device i think has D.I or something and Im wondering if the device it self is better. I know i can d load the software anywhere.


There is also a gold one too