I don't have the money to buy either but I have a few things to trade. I'm looking for a hard-tail body with a 25.5 inch scale preferably Jackson just because it will have the correct measurments but I'll consider anything.

Either that or I'd like a 24 fret Jackson neck with a locking nut specifically. It doesn't matter if you don't include the tuners or the locking nut if it helps even out the trade.

Things I have to offer are a Dunlop Crybaby limited edition, an EMG 85 with the quik-connect cable and possibly the current neck or body I have. Neck is a 24 fret Jackson neck with dot inlays, has great frets that are really smooth for bends and the neck itself is pretty thin and really straight as well. The body is a blue Dinky DX10D in almost new condition. Pics on request, PM or post.
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