Huge Hendrix fan about to buy a Vox AC30. Can't afford a Marshall Super Lead Plexi and I want to know if a vox could sound something like that.
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well depending on your guitar, how you play it and your effects rack, you should be able to get a good hendrix tone

With My AC30 i get a spot on Clapton "Woman Tone" and a perfect Hendrix sound too

the vox, is extremely versitile, its handled almost every genre ive thrown at it, a fantastic investment for the future, i'm using an Epiphone SG Custom (3 Pickups) and you can match some real classic tones on it,

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You know, for the price of a new AC30CC1, you could get a Ceriatone JTM-45 combo.

It's a clone of the Marshall JTM-45, which is one of the earlier Plexi amps.
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