I've got the Best of Motley Crue songbook and there are some chords in here that I just plain don't know. The song is Home Sweet Home, and it is in standard E, key of C.

The chords are:


Thanks to anyone who can help me.
you play the chord before the slash, then use the note after the slash as the bass note.
Wait, you sure? That doesn't sound too right, why would it have that on only some chords?
You bought a popular tab book and it doesn't show you how to play the chords?
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You bought a popular tab book and it doesn't show you how to play the chords?

Nah, only power chords. And thanks werty, I'll try in a minute.
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Nah, only power chords.

Why am I not surprised.

But yeah, the slash just means the note on the right is in the bass, rather than the chord itself. So Em/B is an E minor chord, but the lowest note is a B, not an E. Pretty simple, really.
For the most part, if you're playing guitar, you don't have to worry about slash chords. If you've got a bass player, ya let them play the, well, bass note. Also if it's just an acoustic piece and you're strumming away as long as you get the general chord tonality in you're good. If you're doing a fuller fingerpicked arpeggiation thing, they start to play a bigger role. They create motion in the bass that is pretty much integral to the piece, or that the arranger really liked.

As to 6th chords, it's pretty much just a major triad with a major sixth. So for C, C E G A. In the case of Bb, Bb D F G.
also try the chord dictornary on www.electric-guitar.co.uk

Have always found it to be very good.
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