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History for me. Our teacher is a pedophile and he gets ****ing pissed fast.
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Probably health, they teach us the same things we already know every year.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
algebra 2/trig
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Quote by Chris.Rock.Art
Math. She satbs every student in teh back. When they don't show in class she tells bad stuff about them and laughs at them. She reminds me those teenage bitches

Wow that's really unprofessional.
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P.E. Most games we play involve all the fitter/well built kids ganging up on the weaker.
english (im mexican) my teacher has this SUPER-MEXICAN accent and im sure i know more english than her...
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religion has to be the most boring class for me. honestly we have to ****ing sumarize bible passages and ****, thats so retarded
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My hats off to you mr. lanzaa and you can put this in your sig

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i thought chemistry was the hardest
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government,because our teacher is a bitch, and sat prep,because half the time we have a teacher who is a dick.
Quote by InvaderTSN
P.E. Most games we play involve all the fitter/well built kids ganging up on the weaker.

That's what it's always like.

Anyways, worst class for me is English. I normally like English classes, but my english teacher this year is lame.

My teacher is one of those music is played BY THE BOOK. Any creativity is unacceptable. HE has a sign behind where he stands that says "Do Things That Make Sense." Guy is joke. He told my friend not to bring his guitar anymore because he broke a string and didnt have a replacement.
english, because my teacher is a stupid overdramatic emo, yet she constantly makes fun of people who are overdramatic or emo. IRONY.
intro to sociology

<3 bull**** college classes.
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Quote by StreetLight3989
Probably health, they teach us the same things we already know every year.

Are you kidding? I loved health. Our teacher hated teaching the class, so we just screwed around the entire year.

I would say math. I do actually like math, just only when it has purpose - I just really don't see how learning trig functions is going to help a prospective liberal arts major like me in life.

I'm not sure if by worst you're asking us to judge by how little is learned or what we get our lowest grades in, but my American History teacher is a complete retard, and any math class is just a bad class for me.

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intro to sociology

<3 bull**** college classes.

irie, irie.

i've got like two weeks of class left and i still can't really describe sociology to anyone who asks me. it's the 'sociological imagination'.
english, because the teacher acts like she's always PMS-ing, and screamed at this kid for singing maiden.
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Differential Equations

It's really boring all we see are the kind of recipes that they give you when you're in high school, I mean we are math majors we want interesting sh**, not some stupid method to solve a stupid equation.
the one i am in now
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Maths. If maths was a person it would be Cliff Richards.
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In general, health is the most redundant and unjustifiably stupid course in school.

Right now, I dislike AP Statistics the most. I just have no interest in statistics.

And the IB program is the worst piece of shit ever. It's a complete scam.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Voted for Patron Çıldırdı.

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But our Band is Listana
The class that I could give a shit about is Spanish because we learn the same thing day after day and all I have to do is borrow my friends notes and look over it for about 15 minutes and I'll pass the test. My WORST class though is by far Geometry (yes, I'm a freshman ) because my teacher talks like a 7 year old girl on helium and she sucks at teaching.
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Chemistry! My teacher just talks and writes on the board and moves on wether we understand the information or not

Plus she is just a bitch!

i always get partnered up with other people who have no idea what to do.
and this one time the tip point of a solder iron touched the tip of my finger and it was extremely hot that it went right through the skin, i had to wear a bandage for days because it would still burn when it would touch something. i'm still wearing it today too.

luckily no one really noticed.
Actually, I like all of my classes right now.
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Actually, I like all of my classes right now.

lucky bastard
Quote by InvaderTSN
P.E. Most games we play involve all the fitter/well built kids ganging up on the weaker.

its life .......
Quote by InvaderTSN
P.E. Most games we play involve all the fitter/well built kids ganging up on the weaker.

bleh it was so annoying when they stopped letting me and 3 of my friends beat the rest of the 30 person class at kickball.... really does sux. O well we just switched games and beat the rest of the class at that til they made us swap again. I don't get it though none of the other people in the class bitched or anything they just made us split up.
French 3 honors...
It's ridiculously hard, and my teacher is an asswipe
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