So i just get a call from some guy with an Indian accent

him "hello, mr smith?"

me "hes not available right now"

him "hello, hello? mr smith?

me "hes not available right now"

him "hello, hello?"

me "hello"

him "Ah mr smith!!!!"

me "no hes not available"

him "hello, mr smith?"

me "hes not available"

him "no here?"

me "hes not available"

him "mr smith no here? hello?"

then i hung up

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definitely the best spam thread today!
Bad connection perhaps? He couldn't hear you, doesn't mean he can't use the thing. He called you did he not?
"Is this the hospital?"

"No, you have the wrong number"

"Can you patch me through to the hospital?"

"I'm not an operator, I can't do that"

"Oh. What's the number?"

"I don't know, I don't have a phonebook off-hand at the moment"

"Oh. Okay then. Bye."


2 minutes later

*Ring Ring*


"Is this the hospital?"


Christ almighty, if you need the hospital that badly, look the number up, just don't guess.
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Is it bad that I imagined you saying that in a really sexy voice?
Sounds like you just got your ass prank called.
my number is one digit away from the local clinic. i get tons of calls saying wrong number, then they call back right.
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One time this girl kept calling my house who I had never met. seen. or talked to in my life. She called and I didnt answer it the first time. Then she called again and I answered it and hung up you know the standard for YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER! So she called again and I actually told her she had the wrong number. Then she called again and I thought I would ignore it and she would stop. But she kept calling. She even left a message looking for some guy thats never lived here. She called like 20 times and eventually I just screamed "HES NOT HERE, HE NEVER WAS HERE, AND HE NEVER WILL BE SO STOP CALLING ME BITCH" then she stopped XD
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sounds more like a prank call to me.

yea, same here
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i was called by an aunt carrolyn that i didnt even know i had repeatedly like 2 days ago
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