Im a lefty, and i cant find any store with a bunch of left handed guitars. i know there are other lefty's out there, where do you get your guitars?
Honestly no store has a "bunch" of lefties. Usually 3-5 somewhere in the back, and usually theyll be epiphone models
best bet is to go online
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Guitar Center or near me, Chuck Levin's has a great selection of lefty guitars!
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I'm pretty sure Carvin lets you choose between left/right, and Fender maybe has some lefties... Or you could pull a Hendrix/beatles guy and setup a righty for lefty-play
I built a lefty as a Hendrix Monterey Tribute Strat and play it reverse as a righty. Leftys are hard to find even on Ebay. you should check out these guys as all they deal in are leftys.

Let me know if you have any luck.
I am always disappointed with the lack of guitars for us lefties. I however go on a hit and miss and just order them. Usually I try to gauge what I ordered by playing its righty counterpart. Not a very adequate summarization of the instrument, but it's all I can do.
Most stores dont have any lefty guitars or if they do will have 1 maybe 2. And will most of the time be a strat style guitar. Some companies dont even make lefties. My 2 epi LPs came form MF my 83 strat came from a music store that was very very happy to unload it 15 years ago. But now if I want one I build one. Warmoth isnt cheap but just about anything they make can be gotten in lefty. Some day I will finish the neck thru I started.
if you haven't been playing for a long time I would suggest learning to play righty. Thats what I did and now I can choose any guitar i want!
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Quote by elchico04
if you haven't been playing for a long time I would suggest learning to play righty. Thats what I did and now I can choose any guitar i want!

That's what I did. After 2.5 years of leftiness.
what I did also, but now I sometimes wish I played left handed just to set em up like Hendrix
Where do you guys get your lefty guitars from- there's no variety in stores, and on t'internet you can't tell if the site's giving you a deal or selling you trash.

I'm looking for something with a whammy bar for under £250, any ideas?
i know the rg1570 comes lefty im lefty to i got an iommi SG at moment. But wanting a trem so might get that RG
Uh, you might as well just buy a cheap guitar and flip the peg that aligns the strings at the top. That's what I did, to start that is, playing lefty. As long as you use some strong glue you'll be fine and really, the worst that could come of it is having the input block your strumming.

Get a better guitar later. I only say all this because cheap used right-handed guitars are usually much easier to find around the area. At least with me...
Most stores in my area only have 2 - 4 left handed guitars in stock and about 1 - 3 basses. Most of them are lower end ones to. Sucks. Because of that, I bought mine online, all but one.
Most left handed guitars that you will find online are Fender or Gibson, anything after that it is impossible to find something that may suit your own needs. I own a Fender and the RG1570 Ibanez and I recently got my (left) hand on a left handed B.C. Rich exotic classic mockingbird off of a small internet site for a small guitar shop in upstate New York called Adironack guitars. Other wise southpaw.net works great too.
Your best bet is to look online, thats where I bought my Lefty Schecter C-1 Artist a couple of years ago. Look at some Schecters they make the most models available left handed.
depends on what ur looking for .... for the most part if you're looking for something good just get a righty and get it restrung (u could always get a friend to test out the sound for you) .... as far as strats goes from what i see guitar center usually have lower end fender strats that sound the same as squiers and some epiphones and ibanez models

I would never buy a guitar online cause you never know what minor problems/issues they might have that eventually become huge headaches
I just order my guitars in from the shop.. I don't get to play them until ive bought them basically.. but meh.
I wouldn't like being lefty....

It would depress me...

Its hard enough to choose a guitar altogether, but on top of that you have to find out which ones are lefty or not....?
If you like Blues/Rock then add me as a friend. I need to talk to some Blues/Rock Musicians and need reccomendations.
guitra shops rarely stock left handed guitars because as soon as they get them they sell real quick so you have to find out when they're getting their next load.
what i do is a just try rightys upside down and et a feel for the guitar
check out reviews on ultimate-guitar and you tube and then order it from the store or online.
its crap because then not only do you have to pay more for being a lefty but then you have to pay postage too!