Hi, newbie here. I put on D'Addario Phosphor Bronze .010 strings today. Seems my sweat is highly corrosive or something. The first and second strings started to discolor after only a couple of minutes, like the previous strings (same thing, .012 - I just thought they were defective.) The rest of the strings should follow in a short time. I constantly wash and dry my hands and wipe the strings. I'd keep playing it, but the first and second strings stain my fingertips, and I have to literally sand my fingertips to get it off. It was the same case with the previous strings. Argh, waste of 8 bucks. Is there any way I can prevent this, or am I going to have to buy coated strings? How is Finger-ease?
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Dont worry about it. That's perfectly normal. I do the same thing as well...

Actually... if your fingers are as corrosive as mine are, coated strings wont do you much good either. You'll get a little bit more time out of your strings, but even coated strings wont last. I was using elixirs last time and still corroded through the coated strings in about the same amount of time. I've now stopped using coated strings because they arent worth the extra money.
It could be the soap you're using too. Soap normally has a caustic agent in it, which is what breaks down fats and protiens and cleans everything up nice. Great on dishes, not so good on guitar strings. I'm only going off on this tangent because you said you are constantly washing and drying your hands. Next time, try a cotton ball with a bit of rubbing alcohol on it, and wipe off your frethand fingertips with it. The alcohol will remove any excess soap residue, plus dry out and help build callouses. Oh and the left over soapy residue will only be worse if you have really soft water.
As for your strings, no worries. Just use a little of that same rubbing alcohol and wipe them down where they're turning dark. Don't get it on the fretboard wood if you can help it, but a little won't hurt it because it evaporates very quickly. If you're really particular, you can use Finger Ease. I stopped using it tho because the overspray mist was causing spotting all over the place on my guitar. Little tiny dots were showing up and that's what was causing it. Tough to get rid of too.
Lets not forget that you can also use a certain oil on your strings to semi-restore them. You can get it from any guitar store. Just a drop will do, just run it down each string with a cloth and wipe it in.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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