Are you in the US? If so I've got a Shine 335 for $350 shipped. It's an awesome playing guitar. See the ad here:

Shine Guitars 335 Copy - An early Shine guitars 335 copy from Korea. Shine does not have and distributors/dealers in the U.S. so it's near impossible to get one of these 335 copies. The neck on this one is fat fat fat! I set this up with really great low action, it's even lower than a lot of "shred" guitars I've owned/played! Even with this low action there is no buzz. I have yet to read a bad review of a shine guitar. It's a great sounding guitar and definitely on par with or exceeds Epi hollowbodies in sound and playability. The only noticeable imperfections are 2 dings on the tips of the headstock at the corners (see pics).

No case with this one.

Would like $350 shipped -

Set Neck
Dual Humbuckers
Double Bound Body