I do have one tip for your fretting hand. Work on keeping that thumb parked on the backside of the neck and coming down onto the strings at a better angle. You'll get much better results. I see you do it during the runs, but slip back out of the good habit to the bad pretty quickly. If your thumb is up over the top of the neck by the low E string, you'll have poor finger placement with your fretting fingers. Watch some Segovia videos for fret hand placement. I never argue with the Maestro!
Good job by the way. You've got the basics down nicely, you just need to polish it up and smooth it out.
And here's a Segovia vid for you to check out.

Ok, I myself am VERY familiar with this piece, as I know the 1st, 2nd, and 4th movements by heart, and am 60% through.

First of all, is there a reason why everyone only plays the fourth movement?

You messed up some of the phrasings, ie there are things out of order, things missing, etc etc.

For the sections with the line runs on the G string, it looks like you're using your P and I fingers to deal with the repeated notes; I used to do this as well. In an effort of efficiency and speed, switch to using an alternating I and M pattern for those runs.

It seems like you're slightly out of tone... maybe check on that a bit?

Like I said earlier, there were a lot of sections that were either omitted or played incorrectly... are you using the powertab/guitar pro or the actual sheet music of the piece?

I would recommend bringing out the melody a bit more in the last section of the song, though that may have just been due to the quality of the recording.

As to the rasquedo/palm muted section near the middle, I don't really know what to make of it... I couldn't discern the rhythm, at any point, and it seems like you were actually incorreect with the rhythm at times. This is a touch section, but it's the most rewarding when pulled off properly.

Perhaps you should learn some of the other pieces to get a greater feel for the mood in which this movement is supposed to be played?

EDIT: If you have the sheet music or an accurate powertab/guitar pro, I can help you with the phrasings and fingerings for some of the parts, if you want specific help. I love this piece, so I'd be glad to help out
My God, it's full of stars!
I have the real music. I am very aware of how out-of-order it is, I only really wanted feed-back on my hand technique. The harmonic rasgueado part is painfully un-accurate, but I haven't mastered the technique my teacher laid out for me, which is this: Clench all of my fingers into my fist as if to start a traditional rasgueado. Then, thrust out I, striking the strings, followed by M, also striking the strings, and then bring M back, striking the strings and completing the triplet. When I goes out again, M should be back in the hand and the fist should look complete. As for the run up the G string, I started using my I and M, but I actually found that P and I is easier (for me). I'll definetely try it the other way again though. I’m planning on playing this for my Grade 12 music course graduation piece, so I still have lots of time to work on it. As for other pieces, I have been playing alot of Brouwer lately, namely his studies, and I've just started playing "L'Decameron Noir".
Thank you so much for the help man, you're one of the first on several forums to completely take me apart.
Sometimes free lovin' on account of your guitar playing isn't too good for your ego, this is just what I needed.
Dreadnought seems to have the most experience with this piece, so you might want to private message him to discuss it further. Generally, your technique could see improvement, but it's certainly there. I'd label this as needing polishing, but well on its way.
Sincerely, Chad.
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